Train your team in the latest evidence-based, culturally competent practices in early psychosis assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Teams can include peers, case managers, therapists, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, and program and clinical managers.

The Felton Early Psychosis Programs includes all elements of the Coordinated Specialty Care model referenced by NIMH and SAMHSA in their guidance to states on allocating the 5% Mental Health Block Grant set aside for treating individuals with early serious mental illness.

Your team will learn how to incorporate a comprehensive range of evidence-based psychiatric, supportive, and outreach services to serve diverse populations in community based settings. Felton Institute will provide:

All training in evidence-based practices is followed by coaching to fidelity.



Adoption of the evidence-based practices of the Felton Early Psychosis Programs approach to fidelity requires a solid commitment to didactic training, coaching circle support, changes in clinical supervision practices, and close review of clinicians actually doing the work via tapes of sessions. With that commitment, within three months your state or County can be implementing Felton Early Psychosis Programs approach to early psychosis diagnosis and treatment

1. Readiness Assessment (at no charge)
First find out if the Felton Early Psychosis Programs approach is a match for your team. We examine your organizational readiness for adopting a new practice by assessing your organizational structure, staffing, and funding streams, as well as your organizational culture.

2. Site Visit and Planning
Based on needs revealed in the readiness assessment, senior Felton Felton Early Psychosis Programs leaders will come out to your program site to work with     you to set up the program. Together we will determine program capacity, adapt our proven program policies and procedures to your needs, and establish referral pipelines. In short we will identify everything you need to create a successful program.

3. Introduction to the Felton Early Psychosis Programs Approach
Online training

Your entire team gains an understanding of the Felton Early Psychosis Programs approach and an overview of the evidence based practices for treating early psychosis for which there is international consensus.

4. Early Psychosis Core Skills and Practices
5 days in person

The entire treatment team will gain the core knowledge needed in five evidence-based practices so they can begin assessing and serving clients using the Felton Early Psychosis Programs approach. The entire team attends to ensure a strong foundation for teamwork. Upon completion your team will be ready to start assessing and treating clients using the Felton Early Psychosis Programs approach.

Entire Team

Case Managers & Peers

Psychiatrist or Nurse Practitioner

5. Fidelity Coaching for Evidence Based Practices
Felton Early Psychosis Programs will coach and measure the fidelity of each of your individual clinicians as they implement all five evidence based practices. For SCID, QSAP & QSANs and High Yield CBTp, coaching includes submitting tapes for review and scoring.

Coaching circles are provided for a minimum of three months to ensure your team can sustainably adopt these core practices to fidelity, with a goal of both improving outcomes for your clients and achieving cost savings for counties.

Fidelity coaching is one of most important elements of the Felton Early Psychosis Programs approach, ensuring the practices will be delivered effectively right at the start and that in two to three years after training your clinicians will still be using these practices.

6. Dartmouth Individual Placement and Support
Online training

Felton will connect you to the Dartmouth IPS Supported Employment Training Center so that your team members that regularly provide vocational and employment counseling can complete this online training The web-based course runs for approximately 10 weeks, three times per year, and includes facilitators answering student questions and commenting on discussion board postings.

7. Customized Ongoing Coaching
As you implement the Felton Early Psychosis Programs approach, senior Felton Felton Early Psychosis Programs leaders will provide your management, clinicians, and line staff with additional coaching, training, and support to meet the unique needs of your organization and community. Coaching on demand can also keep clinicians sharp when they have gaps between early psychosis clients.

Felton provides all the ongoing support your clinical and management teams need to create and sustain a successful program and ensure that all five evidence-based practices are effectively and sustainably integrated into your clinical practice.


Felton Early Psychosis Programs RESULTS

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