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Target Population - Felton Early Psychosis Programs - Felton Early Psychosis Programs

Target Population

The Felton Early Psychosis Programs serve people who have had their first major psychotic episode within the previous two years, or those whose comprehensive assessment suggests that they are at high risk for having their first episode within two years (or within 5 years for Felton Early Psychosis Programs San Francisco) – generally youth and young adults between the ages of 14-35.

Outreach Audiences
For Outreach purposes, our materials and messaging cover the following target populations:

Youth – This audience encompasses youth and young adults who are prospective patients or peers and includes at-risk youth populations such as homeless, foster and LGBT youth.

Family – Felton Early Psychosis Programs defines ‘family’ as any individual, who may or may not be an actual relative, but who can commit to support the client. Therefore, this target can include literally anyone, but for our purposes encompasses parents, siblings, other relatives and caregivers.

Clinicians – This population includes doctors, hospitals, clinicians and other mental health professionals

Other – This audience includes those who work closely or regularly with teens such as schools, wellness centers, community groups, service providers, juvenile justice, faith-based groups and other youth groups.


Psychosis strikes without regard to income, gender or socioeconomic status.

The distribution of Felton Early Psychosis Program’s cases generally approximates the demographic distribution of the geographic area we serve.