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A San Francisco community care provider since 1889, Felton Institute devotes specific resources and staff time towards empathic and evidence-based care of people who are dealing with the symptoms of chronic psychosis or who are at high-risk for their development. A team-based approach ensures active collaboration between physicians, therapist and social workers, all of whom have been trained to provide the most effective care possible.

Al Gilbert, President & Chief Executive Officer, Felton Institute

President and CEO, joined Felton as Chief Financial Officer in October 2004, after serving as a consultant to the organization for several years. Mr. Gilbert then served as Chief Operating Officer, before his appointment as President and CEO. During his tenure on behalf of Felton, Mr. Gilbert strategically executed improvements in the organization’s operating budget and negotiated millions of dollars in grants in loans. In addition, he was instrumental in the expansion of Felton operations throughout California and forged partnerships in other states.


Prior to joining Felton, Mr. Gilbert founded and served as Managing Partner for Entrepren, a business consultancy that focuses on fiscal and operational management, strategic planning, crisis management, auditing, and systems re-engineering. He worked as Senior Accounting Officer for Bank of America and Chief Fiscal Officer for a $35 million managed-healthcare initiative funded by the United States Department of Health & Human Services, for whom he developed an operational infrastructure to ensure fiscal integrity and contact compliance.


Mr. Gilbert’s career as a fiscal and strategic professional includes a wide array of fields from technology, banking, retail, operations management, and manufacturing to education, social services, and government.


He serves as the Treasurer for the Board of Directors of TODCO Development Company. Mr. Gilbert also served on the Boards of Town School for Boys and the Kiwanis International, and was Board President of Art, Research and Curriculum, Inc.


Mr. Gilbert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Ohio State University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from Indiana University. Al lives with his wife and son in the East Bay.

TBD, Associate Director of Felton Early Psychosis Programs San Francisco, Alameda and San Mateo

Adriana Furzawa, Division Director of Felton Early Psychosis Programs and BEAM

Adriana Furuzawa, MFTI, CPRT, is the Felton Early Psychosis Programs Division Director. She joined the Felton team in 2013, as Program Manager of the Felton Early Psychosis Programs San Joaquin County clinic in Stockton. Soon after, she engaged in projects at multiple Felton Early Psychosis Programs sites and became the Felton Early Psychosis Programs Division Director in 2014. Prior to joining the Felton Institute, Adriana has been serving individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness for over 10 years, in community mental health settings in California and in Brazil.


Adriana, who is a native Brazilian, began her career as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in Brazil, specialized in psychology in general and psychiatric hospital settings. She also received training on organizational and school psychology. Her most memorable work experience in Brazil was as part of a multidisciplinary team implementing a low-cost social medicine project developed by the Universida de Federal de Alagoas. Her job was to go door-to-door with a public health nurse, a primary care doctor, a dentist, and a social worker and she provided individual and family psychotherapy as well as psychoeducation on mental health and substance abuse issues to disenfranchised populations. Talk about health care integration!


In 2005, Adriana became a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) and she is passionate about community-based treatment and an avid advocate for Recovery as defined by the individual. In 2010, Adriana received her MA degree in Counseling Psychology with a major in Community Mental Health at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco. As a part of the 1st CMH cohort at CIIS she also contributed to the design of this successful graduate program.


Adriana’s ultimate goal as a professional is to support individuals of all ages and ailments to remain resilient through difficult times, create conditions to let recovery find its way, and most of all, maintain independency and self-sufficiency. Adriana’s mission at Felton Early Psychosis Programs is to work diligently so that ALL youth and young adults struggling with early signs of psychosis have access to specialized state-of-the-art treatment that will effectively stop the illness on its tracks and lead them towards the life they dreamed about for themselves.


University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

UCSF Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital houses the Early Psychosis Clinic that provides initial assessment and treatment referral. All patients who register with the clinic receive an intake session, a feedback session and a formal summary of our recommendations.

Rachel Loewy, PhD, Assistant Professor, UCSF Psychiatry and Clinical Director, Prodrome Assessment Research & Treatment (PART) Program

Dr. Loewy has over 14 years of experience in early psychosis research. She has expertise in the early identification of psychotic disorders and in treatment of young people who have early psychosis, or who are at high risk for psychosis, and their families.

Demian Rose, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Medical Director and Adult Psychiatrist, UCSF

Dr. Rose serves as a part-time Medical Director and Psychiatrist for the Felton Early Psychosis Programs Partnership. An Assistant Professor at UCSF, Dr. Rose also serves as the Medical Director of the UCSF Early Psychosis Clinic, an assessment and referral clinic for transition-age youth. Dr. Rose is a long-time advocate and teacher focused on psychiatry in the assessment and treatment of early psychosis. Dr. Rose developed the medication algorithm used in Felton Early Psychosis Programs.

Barbara Krishna Stuart, PhD

Barbara is a licensed psychologist and Director of Assessment Training at the Felton Early Psychosis Programs. Dr. Stuart provides intensive training and supervision in evidence-based clinical assessment. She has expertise in early assessment and treatment of psychosis and serious mental illness, and treating chronically depressed and self-harming adolescents and young adults with multiple problems. She is intensively trained in cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapies, structured problem-solving psychoeducational multifamily group therapy and diagnostic assessment. Dr. Stuart received her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. Subsequently, she completed her internship at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and postdoctoral fellowship at UCSF. In her free time, Barbara loves to sew, hike with her incredibly affectionate Pit Bull Terrier, cook and laugh a lot and loudly.

Carmen Chow, MFT, Treatment Coordinator

Carmen provides clinical intake screening and assessment for the research and treatment of early psychosis. She has 10 years of experience providing therapy and case management services to the severe mentally ill population in San Francisco at UCSF before joining Felton Early Psychosis Programs. Carmen holds a Master degree in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. Originally from Hong Kong, she can conduct psychotherapy in two languages, Chinese and English.

Sojourner Truth Foster Family Service Agency (Felton Early Psychosis Programs San Francisco)

Sojourner Truth Foster Family Services Agency was founded to provide nurturing, therapeutic care for children and families in a supportive and caring environment. Our supportive and comprehensive programs provide family counseling, foster care licensing and placement, case management and assessment, substance abuse treatment, parenting education and referral service, family reunification and other services which help families remain healthy and functioning. (SF ONLY)

Alma Jackson, Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Alma Jackson attended Southern Illinois University and San Francisco State University. Mrs. Jackson reports directly to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the oversight of all phases of the agency. She founded the non-profit community based foster care placement agency that provides services for individual’s families and children of the greater Bay Area. (SF ONLY)

Carletta Jackson-Lane, Executive Director

Ms. Jackson-Lane is a graduate of Lowell High School, San Francisco State University and New College of California School of Law. She worked in the field of family law for many years. Ms. Jackson-Lane is responsible for all programs at Sojourner Truth. Ms. Jackson-Lane is widely recognized as an advocate for the disadvantaged children, youth and families and frequently testifies before the legislature on issues that affect youth. (SF ONLY)


San Francisco County Community Behavioral Health Services (CBHS)