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Invest in Felton Early Psychosis Programs - Felton Early Psychosis Programs - Felton Early Psychosis Programs

Over the past decade, there have been dramatic advances in the treatment of early psychosis, also known as early-onset schizophrenia, a disease once thought to be untreatable. Felton Early Psychosis Programs is at the forefront of bringing those advances to community-based treatment settings through an innovative partnership with the University of California, San Francisco. Recognized by the Center for Medicaid Services and the National Council for Behavioral Health, Felton Early Psychosis Programs provides treatment to over 250 clients each year with dramatic outcomes.

These outcomes include a 70% reduction in hospitalizations, hospitalization days, and emergency room visits after one year in the program (compared to the previous year). This saves participating counties an estimated $15,450 per participant year.

Felton Early Psychosis Programs clients also show significant improvements in functional capacity and participation in school and the workforce. These outcomes are part of growing international body of evidence that schizophrenia can indeed to be treated to remission.

Beyond these quantitative outcomes, our vision is to give young people experiencing early psychosis the tools they need to succeed in school and career, to form meaningful relationships, and live full, healthy lives defined by their dreams rather than their illness.

We invite you to partner with us to scale Felton Early Psychosis Programs state and nationwide by investing in Felton’s Training and Research Division. For more information contact Adriana Furuzawa via email at afuruzawa@felton.org or by calling (415) 474-7310 ext. 314.