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Evidence Base For Felton Early Psychosis Programs - Felton Early Psychosis Programs - Felton Early Psychosis Programs

Early Intervention is a key element in long-term outcomes. Individuals with schizophrenia have been found to suffer with their disease an average of 2.8 years before they are correctly diagnosed and begin to receive treatment. This is particularly serious since “duration of untreated psychosis” (DUP) is one of the most significant negative predictors of long-term outcomes. 4 5 6

Early, Rigorous and Comprehensive Diagnosis with SIPS and SCID

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Algorithm-guided medication management (AGMM)

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Early Psychosis (CBTp)

CBTp is one of the most extensively researched psychosocial interventions for the treatment of psychosis and is the recommended standard treatment for psychotic disorders in the UK.

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Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Employment/Education Services

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